Tuesday, August 4, 2009

microSpeed production on hold

A couple month ago, I put a hold on all microSpeed production. Primarily it was due to 3 factors.

1. Touchscreen sensitivity was not consistant in all environments
The touch screen temporarily stops working, if there is excessive moisture on display or user; if casing is touching other metal. This was causing alot of customer issues and I wanted to solve the root problem before exposing more customers.

2. I had at least one field failure of unknown cause. I suspect there was a data corruption in the internal memory. This could potentially happen if the bike was turned off while still moving.

3. I had difficulty manufacturing the units. Because the 3 digits of the display are seperate components I would sometimes get epoxy leaking in between the digits and it would look bad.

I still have some units left which I plan to use to support the ~40 customers out there using the microSpeed Speedometer in cause they have issue.

I am working on resolving these issues and moving back into production again; however I don't know exactly when that will happen.

Stay tuned if your interested

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