Thursday, March 29, 2007

Initial molded parts

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Molding begins

I will begin selling the microTach molded in this black resin form. I hand formed the shape, and created a silicon mold. I will be molding each part personally. The devices will have wires exiting out the bottom. If you are mounting in an alternative method and need the wires out the top, please let me know. I am also working with a machinist to get polished stainless steel covers made. These can be bonded to this unit using an adhesive such as what is used for grips, or super glue.

I will be leaving the face as-is "grey". I used spray on tint which looks good, but I am concerned about pealing and durability. Therefore, I will leave it up to you to "customize" the front. Feel free to email me with questions about it.

Order entry should be open within a couple weeks.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Problems with the molding company may cause some additional delays.

I am currently exploring 3 types of packaging.

1. Stainless steel shell with epoxy encapsulation: This will be a polished/paintable surface which I hope will enable a chrome-like appearance or black.

2. Black molded resin or epoxy: This is a light weight rugged solution that could be made easily and adapted to many different form factors. This could also be used as a basis and add the stainless steel shell on top.

3. Silver or aluminum bonded resin/epoxy: May provide chrome like finish with flexibility of low cost molding. This enables more variety in form factors and placement options.

Additionally, I am investigating a spray-on tint which give a darker appearance when not lit, yet still allows the LED display to show through. This has a better appearance than the light grey face of the LED display comes with. Although with chrome the grey might look better.
2/25/07 : Molded parts are back! However, I am not quite satisfied with the quality of appearance. Also, there was only 1 out of 4 that had a flush LED display in the mold. I am working with the molding company to rectify the issues. Also, I am talking to a machinist to get casings made. So final product may be delayed. In the mean time I have posted the Installation instructions on the product page. Feel free to review them, and ask questions or comment as needed. Thanks for your continue support.